Hold the Phone

I apologize if we haven’t responded in a timely manner to any recent inquiries. The past few months has been especially trying as it included my personal move across the country from Philadelphia to San Francisco. From ~1500 sqft to ~700 sqft. Selling things. Packing things. Planning things. Researching things. This process is still not complete.

APIcastor was started to solve a problem I initially had and has since grown into a labor of love. Unfortunately the time I have available to devote to it has dwindled over the past few months resulting in sub-par support responses that I just can not stand behind. So…

…as of today APIcastor will be put on hold for the time being. Reverting back to a private beta if you will and allowing me to save the hosting costs until I find the time to properly serve it and you, the community, again.

There has always been big plans for APIcastor. Some of which are currently in various degrees of completion. Such as:

  • Granular control over your APIs after you publish them
  • Responsive API endpoints when dealing with large datasets
  • Multiple configurable walled gateways to your data endpoints
  • Dynamic endpoints via data source syncing

This is not a decision I take lightly. The easiest thing would be to just let it sit, though arguably not the cheapest. For those feeling left stranded I’d recommend checking out Sheetsu in the interim. @michaloblak has built a solid product that should satisfy most. If this decision negatively impacts you and you’d like to discuss alternative plans feel free to reach out personally. I hope to have news of a fresh release as soon as possible. Stay tuned for future progress updates!

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