Professionalizing entertainment with SHOTT

Entertainment has become a necessity of life. But when entertainment becomes profession, what would you need next. Sharing the story of greatest entertainment platforms in Surat, SHOTT at the desk of Surat Startups.

What is your startup profile/footprint?
 Ans: SHOTT, an upscale family entertainment destination to provide international level of entertainment to the customers. A mix of vending, arcade, Bowling, Cricket, F1 Racing, Kids Zone, Restaurant etc spread over 40,000 sqft of RahulRaj Mall.

What is the motivation behind picking a startup and not a more formal type of business?
 Ans: Surat lacked the supply of Entertainment. We envisioned to provide world class facilities to the people of Surat at nominal value so that we can build a culture like metro cities in India & we have successfully develop our version of family entertainment.

What were your modes of acquisition of funds and working capital?
 Ans: We believe in doing business on our own rather than doing business by acquiring funds & sharing risks. As it is our idea & vision to provide people with Upscale entertainment we shall do it at our own risks.

Surat does not have a mature Ecosystem for Startups yet how did you cope up with the challenges?
 Ans: Surat has readily accepted us with all hearts. It is always the concept that works. Startups do face challenges when the idea is mediocre, but an idea like SHOTT is beyond imagination.

What are your day to day challenges while running the startup?
 Ans: As the business is segmented into the category of hospitality & services, we face all the challenges that a 5 star Hotel faces in terms of maintenance, up-keeping etc. To give a quality service we require quality staff which again is a challenge in Surat. Along with that we also face hindrances in getting people to adapt to the new type of entertainment services, who think entertainment in Surat is just Dining out, watching movies or sitting at the roadside on a weekend.

6. What kinds of IT Tools have you leveraged?

Ans: IT Tools have been brought in all the way from Bangalore. There are many local companies who can develop a software equivalent to the one that we are using, but we preferred to stick to the proven & tested tools.

7. How do you plan to scale up?

Ans: Looking at the response that we have received from Surat, we are looking to setup an outlet in Ahmedabad, Mumbai and even Adajan by 2017.

Gradually we shall move to Delhi, Bangalore & Abroad.

8. Do you think employing youth will play a factor in it?

Ans: Definitely, We have believed in youth power right from the start. In fact we have 80% of our staff below 25 years of Age. No company would invest in raw talents but we choose to define our path with budding talent.

9. In your experience, would you say that graduates from IITs, IIITs, IIMs do better than others?

Ans: Institutes make you ready for the race, experience makes you ready for life! And life is not a race. It is good to graduate & learn in leading institutes but it goes in vain if we do not have a legit purpose of running a business.

10. Who or what is your biggest inspiration?

Ans: Biggest inspiration is life. It keeps on inspiring us every moment. The urge to go an extra inch in all spheres of life inspires me.

11. Would you like to share your experience, encouragement or advice with the youth?

Ans: Love what you do or Do what you love. Be very clear of what is the purpose of your life! We were born to entertain people and we are doing it with complete dedication.

12. How did you react when it wasn’t easy to get clients?

Ans: We believe in sticking to the basics & trying each day to enhance the customers experience with a mix of events, offers & gratifications. We at SHOTT strive for each & every customer and treat them with dignity to retain them over a long period of time.

13. How did you deal with unsatisfied customers?

Ans: A special team has been designated to handle customer queries & grievances. We cannot stand any customer going unsatisfied from SHOTT. This is what makes us the best family entertainment centre in Gujarat.

14. Have you ever faced cash crunch? If yes how did you managed to overcome it?

Ans: Cash crunches are bound to happen at this scale of business with such high marketing spends. We tend to fill in the gaps with right strategies & sales generation.

15. What do you think about startups and social media together? Do you rely on social media as an essential market for the youth?
 Ans: Social media is definitely the next big thing. Today the whole of our target audience is on Social Media. Smartphones have given a chance to reach to the customer within seconds & at a very nominal cost. Social media is a huge market to not just reach youth but also kids and adults. In the next 2 years we should be able to capitalize completely on the social media market.

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