Download Toon Cup 2018 APK — Football Cup game for Android/iOS

According to the Toon Cup 2018, you will still be selected teams that have entered the World Cup such as France, England,… However, their players were replaced by characters from Cartoon Network.

Among the titles for the World Cup, the 2018 Toon Cup brings a new dimension when combining the planet’s most popular sports with the familiar characters of cartoon series Cartoon Network. So this combination is correct? Come and find out.

Each team has three players — one team captain and two team members. Of course, these players have their own power, as the Ben 10 has an extraterrestrial transformation, Teen Titan is separate superhero power. They have their own strengths and weaknesses such as speed, shot power and accuracy of the kick — so you can try to create a perfect team!

The main goal is to control the players in the team and to defend their net. It’s still the way to go, jump, surf, and shoot, along with the use of special attacks to create a mutation in the game. The basic game of football game plus the characters of the game makes the gameplay of Toon Cup 2018 become diverse and beautiful.

Because there are only 3 people on each side, every game in the game is quite short and lasts only a few minutes. After the game you will be rewarded to buy more new players to complement the team, with those who are fans of this line of the cartoon, the opportunity to collect all the characters you love will certainly not be. missed.