Shedding Summer ‘16

I won’t mince words: this has been a fairly shitty summer for me.

I’m @ this weird spot of my mid-twenties (kinda smackdab in the middle (there’s the opportunity to make a crack about smack & dabs (not to mention crack;), but it doesn’t serve much of a purpose here)), where everyone’s telling me how I’m young, full of cool ideas, and no question yer gonna ‘make it’!

Problem is: I’m the only one who finds that hard to believe. Sure, I’ve been accruing experience in the three-point-five years since graduation, but where’s it got me? I played the Startup Scene in Boston for a good chunk of that time — failing forward, as they say — and while I got a ton of experience & stories outta that time, I had to finally face the fact that there wasn’t growth goin’ on. Plus, being your own boss can be tough. It seems like fun, but then you end up with a mean sumbitch like this guy I had to put up with…..

Anyhoo. After pulling the plug on the startup, I had to move home and reevaluate shit. Did a few gigs in social-media/marketing (which I’d learned from the startup stuff), and….

Well, this isn’t terribly interesting. I’ve got some great stories, but this is neither the time nor the blog for those.

This is a statement of hey-Medium-here-I-am. (Check! you can stop now) As per usual, I’m flying off on tangents. But I promise: what follows is gonna be concise, and say all I gotta say in this blog.

If I had any common-sense, I’d cut all that rambly shit above, but it amuses me to look back on old work. ‘cept high-school & before — but I’ve burned a lot of those notebooks, so no prob.


I’ve got too much on my mind, & while I’ve enjoyed using Twitter (cuz — unlike blogging — it forces me to be succinct), I have shit to say that won’t fit in 140 characters. …….& following THIS blog, I plan to make that shit a bit more coherent, & a lot more worthwhile.

In 53 minutes, it will be September.

Thank God for that. I am abundantly ready for a change of season. Shedding the anxious depressed skin that’s pulled tight over my soul this past month.

I can already feel myself sliding into something better. There’s a cool breeze sifting in through the dusty screens around me here on the porch. Heralding the Harvest.