How Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine Reinvented Himself After Being Booted from Metallica
Lary Wallace

Great writing on this article. My personal playing was taken to new (and forever challenging / impossible) heights when I picked up an interest in the band. I love daves mentality and drive, but its the way he writes songs that still blows me away. 1986 (the conjuring and wake up dead in particular) to 2016 (dystopia) and he has never stopped writing music that isn’t just head-banging and fun, it is challenging to listen to. And i mean that as a good thing; when you really listen to a lot of megadeth songs, the amount of interplay and individual parts that are happening to make the whole something special, its just….big. Trust me Dave, everyone who loves what thrash is, picked up rust in peace. then picked up the black album. Then put the black album on the shelf for the rest of their lives, because Rust dominated.

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