Is the NFL in a death spiral?
julian rogers

This article perfectly explains why I could no longer, in good faith, support the NFL, and quit watching two years ago. My biggest personal frustration with anyone, or anything, is hypocrisy and/or liars.

The concussion issue was full of lies from the NFL. The PBS documentary exposed their lies, and it bothered me greatly.

Daily Fantasy. Constant commercials for gambling (which gambling in and of itself, is fine in moderation) when national sports love to point out that gambling does not go with sports, with a wink and a nod. If they would just come out and say “gamble on us!” then i’d be fine. When the gambling companies are being bankrolled by various executives in the NFL, well then I have a problem with it.

The PED issue. Anyone who has ever been bitten by the bug of exercise and been around the culture of weightlifting, absolutely knows when seeing guys who are 4% body fat, with the muscle structure of bodybuilders and veins bulging out of everywhere, can see how widespread they are in the NFL. Bigger/Faster/Stronger, yes. But with that comes…

Injuries. the game has changed drastically as the drugs have improved and the players are the size of pro wrestlers from the 80’s. Teams can’t go 2 games without losing star players to torn muscles. Tearing quadriceps, biceps, shoulders, hamstrings. What causes these things to get torn? playing in the NFL would increase the likelihood. But what increases them even more, is gaining more muscle than the body was designed to carry, which goes in line with the previous paragraph.

In the end, I just couldnt watch football without feeling like a hypocrite who was ignoring his values for 4 hours every sunday.