Bilingual Job Candidates Are in High Demand

Automation Personnel Services, Inc. specializes in filling light industrial, production, and warehouse positions and is a leader in the staffing industry. While the client specifies the requirements for each position, Automation Personnel Services encourages job candidates to indicate their ability to speak multiple languages when applying for any open position.

The need for bilingual employees grows steadily as staffing companies face increasing competition for talented, experienced, and motivated workers. The ability to speak more than one language fluently is a huge advantage to job seekers, particularly when competing with many other applicants for entry-level positions, Businesses recognize that their customer base is globalized and that recruiting employees with various language skills gives them an edge in a tough marketplace.

Foreign language fluency is a valuable skill. Some estimates state that a 42 percent increase in demand for interpreters and translators is on the horizon. Job seekers are encouraged to mention any other special skills on the employment application and in the employment interview for the best chance of immediate placement.

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