Do I need a SmartWatch?

About Pebble…

To be short and maybe not so sweet, the answer is NO. At least for now. Smart watch is just another device to charge every night and I know for sure I don’t need that.


I have used a Pebble for about four months now. It is a smart watch, not that well-known, maybe because it isn’t an Apple watch or a Galaxy Gear. But it does its job and I am happy with just that. Oh, I can’t forget to mention its ‘almost-a-week’ battery life which is why it is great for the category. And takes just an hour or so for a full charge.

I am a Student on a budget. Smart watch was never an option for the price it sells at. But this pebble is a $100 device which I bagged for $30. B-)

Electronics for me are great things to own, I guess that’s true for everyone. This piece of hardware does the job of the watch and occasional alarms just fine. What makes it smart is the Bluetooth connectivity with an Android or IOS phone. All you need is to download its app. I have used it on both the OS and it works completely fine.

Basically the watch, once connected to the phone, notifies you with calls, texts, twitter, Facebook, Whats-app and other notifications. Now this is a boon when you are in a class, or while your phone is inside a bag or a purse or anywhere out of your reach. You just have to get a glimpse of the notification on the watch and act accordingly. No need to get all anxious about a new notification. You can also reply with some inbuilt phrases which are common or you get to save some custom short messages to reply to texts. That surely has come in handy to me for just replying a simple ‘yes' or ‘no’. You literally won’t need to pull your phone out of the pocket that often. It helps to stay focused without getting distracted by the phone.

Pebble also provides some apps which work on the phone’s network to receive data. Sports scores, fitness data, emails, news Feeds, twitter, Facebook notifications, Music toggle and whatever that can be displayed in text. It also has a lot of watch faces which will surely make you nostalgic sometimes. Like the Donald duck watch face I use. You can also create your own watch faces from an image file. It works.

Now to be frank this watch doesn’t have everything that other competitors have. But this is the watch which does its job very well and isn’t trying to be the jack of all trades and master of none. It has a black and white TFT display, gorgeously visible in sunlight. It looks decent enough and not too bulky on the hand. In fact it’s a head turner. Take my word on that.

So do you need to buy one? Maybe yes, if you have the money and want to try a basic smart watch. It won’t disappoint. Or you may give it a miss and be happy with your mobile phone on its own.

Oh, by the way, it’s water resistant too.