Mumbai to New Jersey, 2015.

How times change…

I remember last year’s New Year’s eve I was getting ready to leave for Goa. The party I kinda wanted to skip but thank god I didn’t. It was fun. We didn’t party on the 31st of December 2014. We had 4 days of fun lying ahead in Goa. It’s THE party place after all.

Goa 2015

I knew Goa was going to be sort of the last outing I was gonna have before I fly to US for my masters. I was in the middle of my application process. I had sent two of my applications and was expecting a delivery confirmation while I was in Goa. I got it. And I was happy. I had applied to a couple of universities I wanted to go to.

Meanwhile, Goa was fun. I made a lot of memories there. It was the 2nd time in Goa with another bunch of friends so the places were familiar but each time you go to Goa you have another set of stories to tell for a lifetime ahead.

Coming back home with a lot of worries relating to the penultimate semester’s results, applications to universities and what not. I only had one thing on my mind throughout this year, ‘Am I doing the right thing here?’

I still don’t have the answer.

Did I do the right thing?

Time will tell.

Soon I graduated. Maybe that’s the one really good thing I could complete this year. This society needs a college degree as a proof of intelligence. I felt useful having a degree. I could have a job somewhere, only if I tried of-course. But that, in someway, felt good. I could say I can earn myself.

Though I had other plans…

I got an admit from NJIT. Much much earlier than expected. That’s what I wanted. It came easily. At least I felt so.

After the results of the final semester and all the application process and the visa process done, the day to fly to NJ was coming close. I knew I had to go away from home and study and, in my mind, not come back for at least 18 months. I don’t know why I thought that. Maybe because most of the people I knew were doing that.

Anyways, it was tough to decide what to take and what not. It is not easy to leave the comfort of your home and go elsewhere. Now that I am here I miss it.

Everything went well. I didn’t know what was going to happen once I come to NJ. But I loved studying here. And that was what I wanted to experience. Just one semester and I know I have learnt something and there’s a lot to learn in the next 2 years. I did well on my exams. That felt like the money my parents invested in my education was put to good use. Talking about money, it is too expensive to study and live here and the guilt keeps growing each day. Maybe until I start to earn. That’s what we live for right?

Maybe. Maybe not. I can’t live without family and friends. That is what I realized this year. Everything on a side I would choose my people over anything else.

There is one thing out of the blue I would like to mention. My birthday this year was highlighted by a serious accident in which Dakshita and me came out without a scratch. Anything could have happened. That’s the time I felt I was damn lucky.


Now here at the start of 2016, I can say I had a forgettable New Years eve even though it was at Times square in New York. I didn’t make a trip back to Mumbai as I wanted to experience the Christmas and snow here at NJ. Climate was not in the mood to grant me my wish. It’s the warmest winter this part of the world has experienced in a very long time. I came to realize that Christmas, New Years’ eve in Mumbai were better as I had my friends there. And for that matter any festival back home is enjoyable. Here, there are what you can say ‘makeshift’ festivities. Celebrating on the weekend, be it a festival or a birthday or anything. I wish I had planned well and made a trip back home. There is more happiness, liveliness, fun, party, love, warmth in my part of the world.

In the end, I am thankful and happy that hardly anything went wrong this year. I wish 2016 goes as smooth for the planet and for me too. :P

Happy New Year to you..! Have a memorable one…

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