It takes a village…

How do parents do it? How do single parents do it?

Dear 19 days old Twin daughters,

Your mother has two degrees. Your father has a degree and run two businesses. Aunt Shan is helping out, she has a Masters in nursing. Your Chinese Grandparents are chipping in.

All those people and the task of feeding you two, changing diapers and making sure you’re still breathing…exhausting. Utterly exhausting.

I find myself functioning on a bare basic level. No more deep conversations about life and my place in it. No more sports or movies or shows. My days consist of getting up, shoveling something into my mouth for nourishment and checking on you two. After you’re fed and changed, I might wash up. After that, I’ll check on your Mom.

Three hours later, repeat the feeding, changing diapers process. This goes on and on eight times a day, everyday. The funny thing is, we love it. All of us. In between the feedings, while you two are asleep; your Mom and I would just stare at one of you. Just stare. We are amazed at how you two came to be. Amazed at how Luna is a mini version of your Mom. Amazed at how Bella is a female version of myself, poor girl.

So, when you’re sixteen and you know everything and we won’t let you go out to this party in the middle of nowhere. Know that we used to stare at you while you slept…for hours.