The picture we used to announce you girls to the world on our Family Facebook page 3/22/16

Where do I start?

Hi Luna and Bella. Bella and Luna. This blog/book is for you. Whenever you’re reading this. Hopefully, you are 18 and about to go off to College. I’ll have been writing this book for 18 years now. Started this in my head in Jan of 2106, when your Mom and I found out twins were on the way. Writing this in Aug of 2106. You girls are about 6 weeks away from entering this world. Exciting, scary, nervous…lots of thoughts going on. Your Mom is calm as a cucumber. Not sure if she is hiding it.

The picture above was taken in our Cincinnati home, across from the Helicopter park. Yes, the shoes are mixed gender. This is before we knew your genders. The shoes took 15 minutes to buy, at Walmart. I didn’t want to jinx anything and buy all girls or all boys. So I wanted to pick one or the other. Well, boy shoes only come in one style and color. Girl shoes come in too many to count styles and color. I feel nervous cause I wanted your Mom to approve of the shoes and nervous cause it felt weird to look over baby girl shoes like a CSI lab tech.

When I finally settled on the style and colors, I head to the checkout counter and waited in line. Waiting, waiting…realized the boy shoe was size 4. “No. Can’t have them.” That’s your Mom’s voice in my head. You two will also have your Mom’s voice in your head. That’s a good thing. 4, as you probably know, is a bad number in the Chinese Culture, so back to the shoe rack.

Boring story but a story to go with the picture.

Aunt Shan made the frame, Baby shower, Albany NY 8/6/16

This blog/book is my legacy to you girls. I will try to get your Mom to contribute but she only likes to watch Chinese/Korean dramas and eat…so we’ll see. Maybe a video or two of her interacting with you two.

I don’t want to lay out too many rules or too many guidelines of what I’m going to write. Mostly, I’ll write about what’s going on in your life…get my POV on it and you can read about it later in life. Hopefully, I can share some of my life with you. Definitely will share my favorite movies, music and the happenings of the world with you.

FYI: in your Mother’s womb, Bella is on top and Luna is on the bottom. You girls are set to arrive on Oct 5th but we’re thinking the last week of Sept. The world is waiting for you. The Nov election is waiting for you. You will both be present but not remember the first female United States president or the first Reality Star’s president.