Asana Integration: Opportunities and Profits

Effective task management usually requires special software, especially when it comes to medium-sized and large businesses. Handling the load of tasks, projects, managing many employees become much easier with task and project management tools and platforms. Over the years, they have proved to be the best solution for facilitating and organizing the workflow.

Integration with task management platforms and Asana integration, in particular, can bring many benefits. Read on to find out what they are.

Businesses usually use many tools and applications for work. If you provide any sort of business services or just work closely with clients that use different collaborative software, you should consider integration with the latter. It is the best option to bridge the gap between your and your partner’s management systems and make them work in unity.

As to business applications, integration with task management platforms can make them more usable and convenient for a wider segment of existing and potential clients that use different task software. It also allows expanding the functionality of the application by adding new features on the basis of the data that integrations make it possible to get.

Once you have decided that integration is what you need, it is time to choose the platforms to integrate with. It is natural to begin with most popular and well-proven ones, and Asana fits both of the criteriums. It is one of the most widely used task management systems that has 100,000 active instances in total, 20,000 of which are actively used.

Among the benefits from Asana integration are the following ones:

  • access to the task data such as projects, issues, users, and comments
  • easy data retrieval, editing, and synchronization
  • ability to cover a wider segment of customers, since all Asana users automatically become your potential clients
  • ability to change Asana task data from other applications connected to your system and vice versa

For better results, consider integration with other major platforms, such as Asana, Jira, Basecamp, and Wrike.

Getting two disparate systems connected and make them communicate is difficult, especially when it comes to integration with many platforms in short terms. It requires a service of a professional integration engineer and will take about a month just to establish the connection with one system and cost a few thousands of dollars.

Luckily, there is a solution for much easier multiple integrations. API2Task provides a unified API that allows interacting with the majority of popular management platforms, including Asana. The only thing you have to do is to develop one integration with this service, instead of long and complicated integrations with each of the systems separately.

If you are interested in this one-to-many API, schedule a call with our expert, who will provide you with all possible use cases, technical details, and answer any questions.