The Unconventional Public Leader: Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry. Yes, Golden State Warriors Point Guard Stephen Curry. He is a public leader I truly look up to because we are similar in our actions and beliefs in so many levels. Entering the NBA draft at 6’3’’, 185 pounds, Curry was heavily criticized for being under sized, skilled, and developed to make it in such a competitive league. But this denunciation meant nothing to him. Instead he took it as a challenge to conquer, turning all his weaknesses into strengths and quieting all the doubters. As a true test of character, he worked harder than anyone in the NBA to rebound through injuries or setbacks and flourish. This NBA MVP and champion would be nowhere without his unreal work ethic and dedication which I’ve aspired to follow since watching him through my middle school years. I’ve been always intrigued by how unfazed Stephen Curry has been to distractions or stardom to focus on his professional career. Growing up at a young age, I’ve ALWAYS wanted to be a doctor, so it only seemed fit for me to pursue the career. I’ve taken it upon myself, like Steph, to stay laser-focused on my professional aspirations and keep that thought with me through my actions. I’ve never been the best at science or studies in general, but I’ve always been the most passionate and determined. Much like Curry’s dedication, I know I can silence my doubters and live my dream though adopting his work ethic/ mindset to grow as a better person.

While his professional career has dramatically changed, Stephen Curry the individual has not. He has maintained a high standard of faith, belief and value systems that has stayed strong since day one. He has still maintained his love for charitable work. Curry might be a super-star and the current face of the NBA but he has not let the stardom get to him. Instead he has exhibited utmost humility and teamwork on and off the court, which in my opinion, make him a distinguishing leader. Likewise, I want my “why” to give back to my communities to never change, regardless of were my professional career might take me. While distractions will always be present in life, I aspire to stay as driven as I was from Day 1.

Curry’s persona is not a façade. He is a family man first and an NBA player second. I too value and prioritize my family over anything. Although I understand the rigors of medical school and my future will put my valuation at test, I understand I am doing all of this for my family and myself. My family has done the unspeakable for me and I zealously understand and respect this. I want my family to come and watch my “games” in life, much like Curry’s family has consistently attended his NBA games. While my professional career is integral, I know my family will be there for every step of that adventure.

Stephen Curry is not a stereotypical leader, but neither am I. I’ve always found helping the communities around me to be the most satisfying. This main mission of mine won’t ever change. Curry’s similar values will never change.

Fuck “be like Mike”. No. I want to be like Steph.

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