Final year at university in the UK? What’s next?

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You’re on the home straight — graduation is almost on the horizon. You know there’s a lot of hard work to be done over the coming months. There’s probably also a dissertation or thesis to include this year. And ……as if it’s not going to be busy enough already…. there’s also the graduate job market (!) Applications opened at the start of the new academic year — some organisations opened earlier. If you haven’t done so already — it’s time to get started!

Perhaps you don’t know what you want to do…..what job …what sector….which company/organisation……what course …..which university…….STOP…..only proceed in the job or post graduate (PG) study market when you know what you want, why you want it and what you can bring to it. Otherwise you could be wasting very valuable time.

Very importantly, one thing at a time….don’t be overwhelmed…oh and of course….make sure you don’t put your degree classification at risk with all of these other demands this coming year. If an organisation wants a 2:1 or Distinction or better, you need to be very attentive to that.

You’ll tell employers all about your considerable skill-set…. I hope (?). However there’s one particular skill that you’ll have to be master of ….time management. Your success in the job market and in your degree studies will call on this skill more than any other. You’ll be an expert time manager by the time you reach graduation next summer- I hope! You’ll have to be to get the best degree AND the right job or PG course!

Don’t go it alone. Be sure to use the best resources available to you, including:

Your university Careers Service



Gradcracker (STEM specific)


Look out for future postings on — job search strategy, placements & internships, psychometric testing, application forms, CVs, cover letters, interview techniques etc. If there’s something related to your job search and personal marketing specifically you want me to address be sure to let me know.

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