Refugees in Nakivale Run for a Cause

In honor of International Women’s Day, over 300 refugees in Uganda’s Nakivale Refugee Settlement ran a 12 kilometer ‘marathon’ to support young women in their community.

We talked with Harriet Adong, Protection Manager for ARC, about her experience organizing the race. Watch the video and scroll down to see some of our favorite quotes.

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Harriet Adong — “When I watched the video and everyone had turned and they were running toward the finish end, I looked and I was like, ok, so everyone is running, and I cried, and I’m like, ‘They are really participating. They are really running for the cause.’”

HA — “I felt so happy when their national anthems were sung in foreign soil. That showed me how respectful we are for nationalities that are present in our own country, for the protection that we are giving. I really felt that ARC is doing it’s best… not me as Harriet but me as a representative of ARC is doing what it can do best. When I held back my tears I said, ‘Ok. I will not cry because ARC is not crying right now. They are getting happy.’

“The fact that … over 300 refugees participated in running 12 kilometers was something that was really enormous. And running towards a cause is really brave. For a refugee, it blew me away… It is really important for us to understand that refugees are now participating in their own protection.”

HA — “I know that we’ll do better things as ARC. We’ll think better. We’ll do better things…I think we’re doing our part in this.”