4 Reasons Full Body Training Burns a Ton of Fat in No Time

Everyone seems to have the same problem.

“I just can’t seem to lose the belly fat.”

Other than nutrition, the reason you may not be losing belly fat, or fat in general, is because you have jumped on a training regimen that is not tailored to where you are at in YOUR fitness goals.

So today I will give you my TOP 4 reasons why full body training is the way to go PLUS I have an awesome workout for you to download and try.

Download Your Workout

If you think you’re a beast don’t under estimate this workout, I think you’ll be surprised at what you can get done with one of these workouts.

If you’re ready to buckle down and focus on fat loss then I’ll tell you why I put my weight loss eggs into the Full Body Training basket.

Note: Full body training isn’t for everyone, especially if you are someone getting prepped for a power lifting or physique competition. If you are in ANY competition prep, your workout style is that of YOUR goals. This style of exercise works best for those who are looking for body transformation and quick reduction of weight and fat.

You Work All MAJOR Muscle Groups

Simply put; there is NO better way to burn more energy, fat and calories than to work all major muscle groups.

If you work your back, chest, glutes, quads and hamstrings in a single session you will have burned tons of calories because you spent time on the muscle groups that matter.

When you are looking to really transform your body and reduce fat you want to choose the HIGHEST QUALITY exercises you can do for the largest, most important muscle groups.

Bicep and Triceps exercises will not help you see major changes on the scale.

Still good exercises and you should have a few of these throughout your workouts but they should be at the bottom of your fat burning exercises list.

Your top exercises should be Squats, Deadlifts, Back Rows, Pushups (or bench press), and full body core exercises such as planks (no, not crunches).

And if you are relatively new to exercise there are tons of variations to use to build up your strength in these areas.

If you need ideas, and modified exercises, then check out this YouTube playlist I made with a ton of body weight exercises that are mainly major muscle group movement patterns (aka- awesome fat burning exercises).

Move through Your Workout FASTER

By doing full body workouts you can pair, or even group, multiple exercises that don’t work the same muscle group together.

When you do this type of grouping you won’t be burning out ONE particular muscle group so you can take a much shorter rest period.

The difference in rest is MASSIVE let me just give you an example.

When you use a standard “body building” plan you generally work one, maybe two, different muscle groups at one time.

And you will, generally, need about 60–90 seconds of recovery in between each set.

But when you use a full body style plan you can work 3, 4 or even 5 different muscle groups in one set and because they should ALL be different muscle groups you can take a 30 second rest period then get RIGHT back to work.

If you need to take a 90 second break in between EVERY set then your workout will EASILY take an hour or more.

Again, I’m not saying body building style workouts are bad (I’m currently on one) BUT if you are looking to burn HUGE amounts of FAT FAST then we want to get you moving A LOT and keep your rest short.

Recovery Will Be Much Faster

Will there still be soreness to deal with?

Of course, but the nice thing is since you didn’t burn out your squats on one day I can have you doing squats again in less than 48 hours.

Because you’re not working one particular muscle group to fatigue we can then get more work from that muscle THROUGHOUT the week.

With other workout styles you will generally need AT LEAST 48 hours of recovery for a specific muscle group, if not MORE, depending on the amount of work that was done.

When considering fat and weight loss this is a win-win situation.

If you need to drop a good amount of fat and want to do it fast, then I want to be able to give you as much work as possible and have an environment where you can recover as fast as possible so I can continue to kick your ass.

This is A Great Time to Focus on Major Lifts

I have found that with full body training systems that I can teach a major lift (Squat, Deadlift, Bench Press, Pullup, Plank) with ease.

And for two main reasons.

Teaching a new, or complex, movement requires time, focus and energy.

First is time. So, if I want to teach someone how to do Squats and Deadlifts I only get ONE day to do this in a “traditional” model workout plan but with the Full body training system I can spend one day teaching squats then another day (In the same week) teaching proper deadlifts.

Second is focus and energy. If in our “traditional lifting model” I spend our ONE leg day teaching squats and deadlifts I know that I will have FULL focus and energy on teaching squats but when I get to deadlifts I will most definitely have reduced focus and energy.

And deadlifts are not an exercise you want to just “hop in to.”

This is where I hear other coaches saying “Well just take the first week learning ONLY proper form, techniques and cues, then begin your plan the following week.”

And to that I would say “Why?” When I can put this person on a full body training system and each day of the week I will teach them ONE major movement pattern; Pullups one day, Squats one day, Bench Press one day, Planks one day and Deadlifts one day.

Then guess what?

I have taught all my cues, techniques and coaching on major lifts in ONE week. And we can get to work and not fool around with massive form corrections later.

Look I love strength workouts, power workouts, HIIT workouts, body building workouts. Not so much CrossFit, but that’s a discussion for another time.

They all have their places for people with specific goals, and competitions, in mind (yes, even CrossFit).

BUT if you are relatively new to fitness and are jumping into those styles of programs, they are probably BEYOND your current fitness level.

Ever heard that you must crawl before you walk and walk before you run?

Well, this is the same general principle.

Full body training gives you exceptional results with shorter workouts and with faster overall recovery.

Almost all of my training clients start on a full body training program and progress to another style of training based on their goals.

And don’t let anyone fool you, full body training can still be done by those who are in great shape and they will still get MASSIVE benefits from full body training.

If we need minimal rest, minimal recovery and can still get maximum effort we are creating an excellent environment to crush body fat and cruise our way to a healthier body composition.

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Talk soon,


Originally published at trainarc.com.

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