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Our CEO, Michael Chong, was invited to speak at the 2020 RemoteWork Fair in Seoul, South Korea as a guest speaker in the field of augmented reality. The 2020 RemoteWork Fair was a conference of the newest groundbreaking technologies and platforms helping make remote work better. Seerslab presented ARGear as an innovative augmented reality platform that can be applied to enhance remote work around the world.

Michael presenting ARGear at the 2020 RemoteWork Fair

Augmented Reality is one of the rising technologies supporting a remote work environment. It enables us to improve the productivity of remote work, telehealth, and telelearning as the COVID-19 continues.

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AR is revolutionizing the way people have social interactions online. Augmented reality content, which until recently was only possible for simple face filters, is now more closely related to social activities by adding the ability to react to users’ motion and interaction in real time, and furthermore even during live streaming. In addition, companies often use AR as a marketing tool by linking these social activities to products. Augmented reality is now a technology that can be applied directly to real life immediately with common mobile phones, not a technology of the distant future.

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As companies and relationships change to become increasingly remote, there has been a ubiquitous increase in the use of video chatting and video conferencing apps and programs. A common way people are making these video calls more interactive is by adding virtual backgrounds. At the click of a button, a still or moving background is added and users are transported to locations ranging from outer space to the deepest depths of the ocean.

What is the technology behind this?

Portrait Segmentation is a sub-concept of Semantic Segmentation. Image segmentation is simply classified as either Semantic segmentation or Instance segmentation. …

An AR SDK with AR Content for Mobile Devices

Some of the key features included in the free ARGear SDK

The age of Augmented Reality has arrived, with both the large mobile players sporting their own AR SDK. Google has their ARCore and Apple also has an SDK called ARKit. They are not the only ones, the list of AR platforms is growing fast including the popular graphics libraries Unity and Unreal Engine. All of these options make AR development easier, but what do you do with it all?

The current AR revolution can be attributed to the huge success of AR Sticker apps like Snapchat. Even Apple and Samsung ship…


ARGear is an all-in-one platform for Augmented Reality app developers. It’s the easiest way to bring Snapchat-like AR features to your app.

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