A framework for mentors promoting the spiritual and historical understanding of the Christian faith for cohesive and applicable demonstrations of religious maturity.

Originally created and published by Antoine RJ Wright at Mobile Ministry Magazine (MMM) in 2009, and republished in 2011. This is shared here in a lightly edited reposting.

What are the 5Cs?

The 5Cs is the codification of a framework for mentoring, discipleship, and growth in the knowledge of the Christian faith as it has been practiced and shared by this author over the course of many years and several relationships. …

When a gravel bike means not only riding anywhere, but smiling everywhere

It was a cool, fall day, and it took a little while longer to get outside. The day before, I sat around the house, legs still burning from the extended ride on Thanksgiving. However, this was a beautiful Saturday with old and new roads meant to be traveled. So, I put on my warm weather gear — including a thicker merino hoodie under the orange merino Café du Cycliste jersey which is becoming a favorite — and made my way to the suburban roads the Priority Apollo gravel bike was meant to enjoy.

All of the ride didn’t stay on…

Eight months into using an eBike have invited some delightful changes, and opens new challenges to living outside of an urban center.

It has been nearly eight months since purchasing the Karmic Koben S 2.4 eBike and am largely quite happy with it. My auto, an ‘08 Mazda MX-5, is no longer in my possession, as I’ve transitioned to a (very) car-lite lifestyle. As challenging as this might be over the winter months, there’s some optimism that the pace of life (economic and health-driven, as well as the usual slower pacing of Fall and Winter) will allow for a few additional lessons and opportunities. Where this review of the Koben S stands now is on the unpaved roads of that optimism. Some…

Part one of observations, lessons, and living with an eBike

Another sunny weekend, and there are a few errands on deck. As usual, the headwind is much stronger than the tailwind. And yet, after cycling around the small town, there’s a smile on my face. The ease at which the Karmic Koben S accelerates, the comfort despite its weight, and its versatility have all made quick work of approximately 4 miles of errands. It’s been five months since setting foot into my car, mainly because of quarantine. But also, because of this electronic bicycle (ebike). Outside of an urban context…

Not a holiday I celebrate personally. I understand the significance for others, and even wished that more regions recognized their own “awareness of when liberty and agency were communicated to those formerly enslaved.” But, my ear has been different on this for a while. Perhaps it’s one of those confluence bits of both growing up in Philly’s zealousness towards history telling and the communities my parents put me around to be sure I heard not just the mainstream bits, but all the nuggets from the “lesser” players. …

Workspaces created anywhere as greater than a workstation crammed over there

Previous posted 20 April @ Avanceé

Many knowledge workers have been relegated to working remotely against the foreground (many Zoom) meetings and attempts to recreate what’s lost in office culture sparked a thought summarized in a recent tweet:

Half wondering why we’ve not heard much about bulk or strategic purchases of HoloLens/Occulus/Magic Leap/etc devices… is available software, or the platforms themselves, still too immature for this productivity reset

For all of the individuals and companies making batches of rush purchases for monitors and keyboards, it’s a wonder why there’s not been so loud an ask for more omni-channel tools like…

Studying a connected smart ring and a past fashion fad for sensory extension

Previously published at Avanceé

For the past week, have been comparing the use of smart ring (Ōura) and a mood ring. In many respects, both of these devices do the same thing. However they get there by different means. The smart ring is a series of circuits and electricity, analyzed on device, and then passed to another device to be combined with a series of algorithms to give one a trend map of a particular set of wellness parameters. The mood ring, on the other hand, uses a less technological bed. This material, thermochromatic crystals, interacts with the human body‘s…

An Upgrade, A Delight, and A Religion

Many people who read reviews of bicycles probably have their minds made up about the bike. The reviews found are more about settling a few nagging questions than coming up to speed with general specs. Folding bike reviews are often great to parse for these bits because many of the models offer a “one size fits most” framing. Except for Brompton. These bicycles are a good bit different than all but perhaps what’s felt at the niche/high end of automotive, consumer tech, and cycling spaces — there’s not just the bike, but the adoration of the experience. In immersing myself…

After several weeks, impressions of Vue’s successfully delivered smart glasses

It’s been about a month since finally receiving Vue’s bone-condition glasses — a Kickstarter-funded acquisition — and so now might be a decent space and time to give a fuller impression. Previously spoke of Vue’s impressions on attention (Ear Muscles); but this would qualify as more of a review than the usual contemplative piece.

An earlier version of this piece was posted as a comment on Vue’s Kickstarter page. This iteration adds clarity and edits to those thoughts.

Overall, am pleased with Vue. Despite initial feelings of the weight, and niggles with standby battery life and UX polish, these are…

Leveraging newly acquired Vue glasses to explore other ranges of hearing

Been sitting on how to best talk about these glasses. Sure, there’s the vantage point of Kickstarter as something of a motivator. These Vue glasses have taken the better part of nearly three years to make it onto my head. And this isn’t a slight to Vue or Kickstarter, that’s just the nature of product development which finds itself strengthened or weakened by the same audience that consumes it.

A better focus could be the product itself. Vue has certainly produced a ground-breaking product with glasses which utilize bone conduction speakers and mics. Those who have worn glasses and headphones/earphones…

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