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Jan 9, 2018 · 4 min read

Private From the Ground Up, Designed Around Security and Anonymity.

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Hi all and welcome to our new home here on Medium.
For the foreseeable future, we’ll be using this platform to keep our investors updated on past, present and future developments. We know all the health blogs are preaching the benefits of living in the now, and we’re feeling pretty zen ourselves, but we also understand some of you still have a few concerns that needs addressing, before they too can sleep easily.

Still others are just eager to learn more about the upcoming XCS to ARMR conversion; if this is you, feel free to scroll directly to the bottom of this post… For anyone still with us, let’s bring down this iron curtain together.

A Shared History

During the summer of 2017, a disparate group of like minded people were attracted to a project known as XCS or CybCSec. On the surface, this blockchain venture had plenty of potential, but was hampered by poor management and even worse development. However, the core idea was sound: A proof-of-stake privacy coin with a focus on speed. Slowly, as these like minded individuals debated why the coin was underperforming, we grew together as a group and started asking hard questions and demanding answers from the XCS team.

To make a long story short, our small community of investors and researchers eventually uncovered staggering ineptitude and even fraud being perpetrated by CybCSec. As such, we’ve already taken legal action, but because crypto is such a new technology, we expect the investigation to be a long and difficult one. Therefore we’ve started helping ourselves by helping others caught in the scammers net.

A Shared Future

We believe if you want something done, you do it yourself. In the world of crypto currencies, the simple value of hard work is too often neglected while get rich quick schemes are lauded. We’re not against a good profit margin, but we are at heart community driven and we decided to not stand idly by while our fellow investors were being deceived.

ARMR is about taking matters into our own hands, because we know, that extraordinary measures taken by extraordinary people can change the world. With funding pooled from all our members, we began developing a team and discussing strategies for extraditing the good from the bad. The fruits of our labour have already been thoroughly dissected elsewhere, but let’s go over it again quickly with the above shared history in mind.

Out With The Old

ARMR is a completely new coin, but one which is to be initialized as a salvage operation. We’ve cored, deseeded and thrown out all the old rotten apples from XCS, effectively creating an entirely new team, recruited from within our own ranks. Our purpose is simple: To develop technology that’ll redeem the promise of privacy, security and anonymity on the blockchain.

Previously, we’ve called this salvage operation an airdrop-swap, but during our last few meetings, we’ve taken to using the portmanteau “airfork” as a shorthand description. We wanted to share this word with you, because it helps combat confusion: It is important to note, that ARMR is not a fork of XCS, rather, ARMR is a completely new coin, which will initially be airdropped to all non-fraudulent XCS holders.

In With The New!

In other words, ARMR is a new way of launching an entirely new coin. Rather than burying the past, we intend to rectify it for not just ourselves, but for all other investors burnt by the scammers. This sense of community may seem alien in the world of crypto currencies, but we believe it’s necessary to introduce trust into the equation, because not only is it the right thing to do — it’s essential for organic growth, governmental contracts and even mainstream adoption.

Crypto is a world usually shrouded in shadows and one which can seem almost impenetrable to the layman investor, a world where mountains and valleys are created overnight on nothing but hype. Our technological blockchain efforts may be heavily focused on privacy, but our team wants to be completely transparent; everything above board. Blockchain technology is about changing the world, not merely lining the pockets of a few select founders. Whether you’ve been with us from beginning or just joined as a new investor excited about the future, we’re honoured to have you.

Airfork Details

Snapshot will be taken place on January the 9th 2018 @ 1PM GMT+1 (12:00 UTC). To participate, simply move all your old XCS tokens to the your XCS wallet. We recommend you leave your wallet online during the snapshot.

After the snapshot, please encrypt your old XCS wallet and do a backup (Backup guide: When the new ARMR wallets are ready, move your wallet.dat file to your ARMR wallet to claim your coins.

The XCS to ARMR ratio is going to be decided once we see how many coins are in the snapshot. But we’re aiming for 5:1. This means for every 5 XCS you’ll receive 1 ARMR. If this seems a little low, it’s because we are, as previously mentioned, using this opportunity to also do a hefty coin burn. The circulating supply of ARMR should be around 25 million with a total supply of 40 million after the airfork has been processed. The surplus is intended for salaries and community development awards.

The recent influx of new users demonstrates we’re already generating some excitement, follow ARMR on our Website, Reddit, or Twitter, for the latest updates on ARMR Network.

For help and/or questions join Telegram here:

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