How to choose the perfect software development partner for your project

Beyond the costs, beyond geography, we, at AROBS, think that you need to analyze attentively your future partner in software development and choose the IT outsourcing company following one of the most important criteria: expertise. If your company wants to build a travel software product, choose a company with expensive travel software expertise. If you want to build an app, look for a specialized app development company, and so on.

Besides that, you should analyze many factors like the location of the company, the economic stability of the country to be outsourced to, the culture of the software services partner, the qualifications of the teams and many others.

Our advice is to follow, as after a checklist, at least the 11 aspects that we consider to be the foundation of a really good software development partnership. The 11 points explained in this 3-parts article will deal with the portfolio, the maturity of the projects already implemented, the culture of the company, the use of tools as SAFe Agile ( when an IT company uses SAFe Agile, it shows big projects, big teams, and high expertise), the geography, and — very important — the English proficiency of your future collaborators.

Note to the reader ;): So if you look out for IT companies in Romania, Moldova, Hungary, Serbia, Germany. The Netherlands and Belgium — AROBS has offices in all these countries.

  1. Why start from zero, when you might burn many steps in the process after choosing wisely your partner IT company for its expertise?

We do not think that any potential partner for software development will choose just developers.

You must find a partner, not only a dev team. The future partner should think and understand what is to be are built. They should challenge the initial features of the product and help you grow your business.

We are sure that finding real partnerships based on certain experiences and expertise will add valuable knowledge to building the best possible software product for your business.

2. Will they customize for you?

Software development has, at some point, some customizing to be produced. It is about understanding all the details of the product requirements and objectives of the specific project in question. You will only get that with companies that have a focus on expertise and strong structure of experiences developers, project managers, testers, security engineers, the whole bunch.

This article will be followed by episode 2 and 3. Stay tuned!

The author is Andreea Marcu, Head of Marketing AROBS.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

AROBS is a global software development company. We are European by birth, International by culture.

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