Case Of The Monday’s? Here’s Why They Suck And How You Can Love Them Again

Hate Mondays?

Use ‘Monday light’ as an excuse to wallow in your misery while you ‘prepare’ for the week and go through the predetermined motions of meetings, errands and other to-do’s?

Do you wait for them to end so you can ‘start your week’?

Does this make you depressed each and every week?

That’s 52 days a year, about 15% of your days, which is a lot.

Don’t waste those days!

Here is what makes Monday perceived and pre-programmed into us as ‘bad’ or ‘manic Monday’ and how to take ownership and love Monday again.

Remember, it always starts with extreme ownership.

It’s up to you to create the frame and environment to make your Monday’s great.

1. Transition — Monday’s Require Transitioning Into A New Frame

Don’t let the Monday morning quarterbacks stop you from being bold. You’ve got to set a high bar. — Antonio Villaraigosa

You were in your weekend frame so now you’re moving back to your work frame which requires a period of adjustment which is what Monday becomes for a lot of us.

2. Physiological Flow — Meals and Alcohol Habits Creates Physical Transition — Creates Guilt

We indulge more on weekends, so we recover Monday’s and love to feel guilty about it and punish ourselves.

Let go of guilt, it’s a waste of time and energy.

Decide you’ll never feel guilty again!

3. Sunday’s Are A Glimpse Of What Our Ideal World ‘s Could Be Like

Soulful Sunday’s are not just an Oprah thing, they’re generally the day the week allows most of us who work to take space.

When we write, read, take hikes and work on passion projects Sunday, transitioning back to the ‘real world’ Monday can create feelings of melancholy.

Allow yourself to feel the unhappiness, then let it go.

Take ownership to view Sunday and weekends as a chance to bring balance to Monday.

4. Acknowledge Any Full Time Endeavor Creates Some Drudgery, There’s No Escaping It

“I’m a very ritualistic, routine-oriented person, and I discovered over the years that I love working Monday through Friday.” — Edie Falco

I work on a start up in the day, and write film on weekends.

I know if film was my full time day job where I made a living, I wouldn’t enjoy it as much.

A huge mistake a lot of people make is believing their ‘passion activity’ will set them free if they could only do it full time.

This is false.

Mostly because finding fulfillment and mastering life has nothing to do with the activity, rather, it has to do with you and how you approach and practice it daily.

All ‘work’ will require competition, politics, resilience, tons of inevitable days of drudgery, marketing and the worldly responsibility of extreme self reliance that comes with winning at anything.

Those are the skills to master, not baking, entrepreneurship or art or whatever craft it is you like (it’s mastery is a by-product of the others).

A strong reason to exist, such as supporting kids will get you through the hard times, not the will power that results from the love of your craft.

As I embrace Sunday’s for the balance they give me for my ‘work week’, do the same.

5. Monday is a Strong Symbol, That Generally Stands For Manic Days Of Routine

Recognize it’s a construct, label and program. Re-program yourself with the opposite.

What makes humans better than any other species partly is how our minds are able to perceive symbols and use them to communicate(aka brands).

Mondays tend to symbolize the boring memo or meeting like in the show, the Office.

Disrupt it and change the symbol in your mind.

Have it stand for something else.

For me, Monday symbolizes preparation for greatness, which get’s me inspired and excited.

That’s how I view it and act accordingly.

I’m Aram the great, conquering the world with his start up and writing.

Monday’s are critical to set me up for success for the rest of the week.

6. We Get Bombarded With Work On Mondays

You basically get a weeks worth of work on your desk Monday which we often get overwhelmed with trying to get it all done as it comes in.

Zoom out and recognize you don’t need to do it all at once, all the time.

7. We Often Aren’t In Our Best Mental States On Monday Because of Guilt

The guilt can be crushing. Everyone seems to be getting stuff done, except you. You drag yourself out of bed, go to work, start checking email, start deleting, then poof, it’s noon. Lunch, perhaps at your desk, then some awful meetings, then it’s 3pm. You start REALLY working, then you start feeling decent but then it’s 5pm or 6pm. It’s time to start getting home. You feel like you didn’t really get a lot done today so you’ll work late — just tonight — to catch up. — Scott Hanselman

Because of the weekend activities, and the guilt of all the fun we’ve had, and the resulting self loathing, our state is low.

Decide to never feel guilty about anything again.

Here is A Framework for Crushing Monday’s At Work

1. Embrace Monday’s Pre-Scheduled Routine As a Meditative Day

One study done by Professor Alex Gardner, reported in the Telegraph“Work could be the best place for you on Monday because we are essentially cavemen in city suits.
“We want to feel part of the tribe so we go for a cup of tea catch up and then settle down to work.
“Having done the tribal bonding, we are geared up for a productive week while some people who have started all guns blazing on a Monday morning may burn themselves out.”

Make your outlook a positive one and change your self talk to “Monday’s a great opportunity to meditate” due to it’s routine.

Anytime you heuristically react with a negative association to Monday in your mind, use the self-talk of ‘routine can be embraced for meditation’.

Don’t resist any emotion that comes up. Feel it and let it go.

Yes, the world operates in a ‘state of Monday’ so your external environment is shaped by it to some extent.

However resisting creates extra stress and anxiety. Embrace it for positive growth always. No excuses. You have the control to do this and anytime you aren’t, it’s usually guilty self-punishment (my #1).

2. Take Ownership Of Your Physical and Mental State Of Mind From Early Morning

Schedule something to get done.

Manufacturing happiness chemicals can and should be done as early as possible to kick start Monday.

Schedule the intense workout early morning.

Pre-set the morning breakfast meeting to shift your minds frame into ‘work mode’.

Pre-set the morning dance party in your apartment.

3. Schedule Great Work You’re Going To Do First Thing In The Morning

Not just good, but great.

Start your day off right by working on something that get’s you into flow and excites you.

It could be reading anything work related that’s interesting, or a project you enjoy.

It will get you back into the state of work and remind you why you like what you do.

You’re able to find joy in anything you invest your energy in.

Take ownership of that principal and apply it.

4. Understand That You Can Love Anything You Invest In, So Invest In Monday’s

The thing with focus is that it’s not this thing you aspire to, like, ‘Oh, on Monday I’m going to be focused.’ It’s every single minute: ‘Why are we talking about this when we’re supposed to be talking about this?’ — Jonathan Ive

Mondays are like everything else, you need to be invested in them to love them.

If you approach it with a ‘drag ass’ attitude, it’s what you’ll get.

Go bigger on Monday. Look forward to it and invest in it from Sunday.

Schedule a big event first thing — off site.

Interview someone at work.

Do that each and every 8 am then hit the office and watch your day take a different tune for the rest of it.

5. Plan Ahead and Use Your Calendar If You’re Stressed Out With Activity

When you know you’re scheduled, there’s less to think about and consider.

If all you have to do is go through your calendar, you’re less likely to get overwhelmed.

This may sound counter intuitive as you may believe you do this already and that your Monday’s are already planned,

6. Consider Fasting on Sunday’s, To Feel Your Best Monday

Fasting makes you feel good and gives your body a break.

Anytime I fast, I feel like I’m more ‘conscious’, with a clear mind and light body.

Helps with everything from fat burning to productivity to mental sharpness.

7. As Much As You Add Controls and Force Functions, Let Monday Happen To You

So the man who is accumulating, gathering, the man who is desiring more is never freshly experiencing life. it is only when the mind is not concerned with the ‘more’, with accumulating that there is a possibility for that mind to be intelligent. — J. Krishnamurti

Realize at a high level, life happens to us. Don’t resist.

The best action is taken in the deepest present moment that doesn’t resist, not a forced one that seeks to control.

Mondays can be made the greatest day of the week if taken ownership of, with the right balance of mindfulness, self-talk and programming.

Make it your duty to make it so! Happy Monday.

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