This Is The Game Changing Daily Habit That Separates The Best From The Rest

Art by Emily May Rose

It’s so much more than the habit itself, it’s how you use it.

“Consciously harnessing meditation in this way is true creative mastery, and how deep learners transcend the depth of their learning, which primes their minds for game changing work and massive breakthrough that can change the world.” — me

Why You Must Meditate

“What do you do if you didn’t have your kindle and couldn’t read every morning?” My lady friend asked this morning after noticing I always read first thing for two hours.

I immediately and intuitively responded:

“I’d meditate for sure. I learn more during meditation than any other time. Meditation isn’t for stress relief as many believe it to be (though it does that too), what it best does is help connect to your source — your highest self. It’s in this state you’re able to learn about yourself and other (intuitive) “sources”.

Ifinished with:

“You learn more about yourself, work, goals and creativity more than anything else.”

Until I explained it to someone who didn’t meditate, I’d never considered how I used meditation for so much more than a stress relief practice (about 7 years ago), but it’s absolutely true.

During meditation, I have insights, inspiration and learn so much from my intuition.

Imagine a gigantic fermenting process that boils up massive loads of knowledge that find each other so you can tap into it whenever you need and produce a finished result.

Photo by Ameen Fahmy on Unsplash

I practice at least an hour a day, and the busier you believe you are, the more you need it.

This is why the most highly conscious change agents that have ever lived who’s every moment could affect millions of people say things like:

“I have so much to do I’ll have to spend 3 hours in prayer to get it all done.” — Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


“Meditation more than anything in my life was the biggest ingredient to any success I’ve ever had.” — Ray Dalio, Best hedge fund manager of all time.

Consciously harnessing meditation in this way is true creative mastery, and how deep learners transcend the depth of their learning, which primes their minds for game changing work and massive breakthrough that can change the world.

Because to create work that changes the world, you have to do work that’s best in a class of other competing workers.

To do work that’s best in a class of other competing workers, you have to get deeper into the psyche of others — and to do that, you need to reach deep into the psyche of yourself.

These are the masters of their craft who are able to re-write a field’s rules with confidence and stand up to the field’s establishment.

The people who are so confident they’ll tell you to fuck yourself on national TV.

Master Your Meditation For Accelerated Learning And Movement Toward Your Goal In 3 Steps:

1. Master Being Alone and Learn To Enjoy It — It Starts Here

“Every problem of man stems from his inability to sit in a room alone.” — Blaise Pascal

This is the minimal requirement, and yes it sounds hard for a lot of you but make it about yourself and embrace it.

Think “I take this time for myself, to love myself, learn and allow my genius to ferment so it can show itself in the real world.”

If you can’t sit alone or “get lonely” when you do, you aren’t ready to embrace meditation and it’s a clear sign you have work to do and progress to make.

Reaching a point where you can meditate effectively doesn’t come over night and takes understanding, confidence and efficacy.

But don’t fret, you can achieve that it quickly, with proper training.

People underestimate the power of proper training and how fast you can accelerate toward a result.

Don’t imagine “training” you receive at work, imagine mental “training” Navy Seals go through.

Quick, precise, effective and accelerated toward an end result. No time for waiting.

First, believe you can transform now and learn fast. It’s not a mountain to climb but a principle to understand. Understand it.

Second, don’t think of training as “you are learning something new”.

Think of it in terms of application and understanding of a principle.

Learn how the brain adopts and understands new knowledge so it can be transferred to you.

This is why coaching is so effective.

I just began coaching clients to perform their best and can point to dozens of times where I’ve literally saved people years of making mistakes and tens of thousands of dollars with a single statement, framework or thinking strategy.

Learning and high value ideas that are aligned with someone’s timing and goals can transform someone or someone immediately.

2. Understand How Goal Achievement Actually Works

Your most important sale in your life is to sell yourself to yourself.” — Dr. Maxwell Maltz

What stops goals from being achieved by humans who can visualize and plan?

They get in their own way.

You’re born with a brain that’s actually preset and wired to succeed at everything you do.

This is a sophistication that’s resulted from 4 billion years of evolutionary success.

Anytime you think of the word “success” think of that — and you’re the result.

We’ve evolved so much that our minds can now create complexity and block goal fulfillment without knowing why.

Understand that “success” is your natural instinct.

You’re born successful, just by being born.

This is science, not philosophy.

It’s your job to make sure you don’t unravel that natural instinct.

You’re the only mammal that can select it’s goals. All others can do is survive and pro-create.

A squirrel does not have a choice or need to be taught how to gather nuts and store them for the winter, and a bird doesn’t have a choice or need to be taught to fly thousands of miles and migrate back and forth, it’s just their success instinct.

You have that ability for much larger and more complex instincts which often requires the cooperation of other people.

It’s this next layer of evolution that has led to the problems that we see today because complex minds working with complex minds create dysfunction.

Think about all the “problems” at home or work, mostly all people based.

Unlike animals, humans have creative imagination and therefore isn’t only a creature, but a creator.

Thus we’re able to imagine a new goal and imagine a plan of action to achieve that goal.

InDr. Maxwell Maltz’ game-changing book, PsychoCybernetics he says:

“Your brain and nervous system constitute a goal-striving mechanism that operates as a guidance system to automatically steer you in the right direction to achieve a goal and make correct responses to the environment.”

In the context of real machines, he explains the concept of a “servo mechanism” — an automatic device that uses error-sensing negative feedback to correct the action of a mechanism.

Our version of a mental machine is our mind, and they work in the same way(our minds).

He double emphasizes that we aren’t machines of course but our brains are wired for success and goal achievement in the same way metaphorically speaking.

Your brain is the computer and your mind is the software program which produces the output from the computer based on belief (the software).

It’s your job to control the software and beliefs.

Long story short, you have the capacity to set an exact vision point that is a target (imagine the software that runs a missile moving toward it), set that vision point and let your survival instinct find the right knowledge and solutions to get you there.

This isn’t complicated and is intended to be run by natural intuitive forces — the problems arise when we force goals and lack the understanding of our minds and block our goals with limiting beliefs.

As you’ll read in final step 3, there’s one more task to use memory and imagination to create the patterns that make this happen.

So the goals I’ve set to optimize for reading and writing full time is to start a consulting business with a minimal specific income target point in mind to cover the cost of a strong writing environment and lifestyle, then I break that income target point down into the specific end-results that represent each vision for the future.

This is what Maltz describes as ‘teliological’, the action taken must be oriented toward “end results”. It’s very clear in my servo-mechanism where I want to go.

This is important for extreme clarity.

3. Meditation and Using Memories To Reinforce Success

“Learning and continued success is accomplished by forgetting the past errors, and remembering the successful response, so that it can be imitated.” — Dr. Maxwell Maltz

Maltz provides a meditation technique that eliminates the pitfalls that “steer you off course”.

He prescribes:

Set aside a period of 30 minutes to relax and make yourself as comfortable as possible.

Imagine your desired self image. Take this seriously and imagine yourself in the future. Notice the details. Feel it. Smell it.

See yourself acting and reacting appropriately

Imagine the exact desired future points you want to happen.

The purpose of the exercise is to focus on new ‘memories’ or stored data into your mid-brain and central nervous system. It builds a new image of self.

Maltz says that we use memories as justifications for creating beliefs, so the way to re-create a limiting belief is to recall positive goal affirming memories each time you’re perceiving the environment around you.

So anytime I recall anything, I ensure it’s when I won at something and was successful. It can be anything that ensures you succeed.

I used to believe I bad at ‘marketing technology until I literally hit one point where I attacked it and overcame an obstacle and won — and it was such a simple task.

I practiced recreating that win every time I would think about marketing technology and it literally changed how I perceived and believed and thus how I approached marketing technology moving forward.

When I went back into my tech, it changed how I perceived the screen, the tabs, the pages. I was “acting like a pro”. I couldn’t believe it.

Now instead of outsourcing my marketing, I’m running it myself and have the new found confidence to do so.

This happened in the last couple days.

Maltz points to Dr. Prescott Lucky who came up with the two levers that have the power to change a belief:

  • The feeling or belief that one is capable of doing his share — exerting a certain amount of independence.
  • the belief that there is “something” inside you which should not be allowed to suffer indignities.
If your default setting for perceiving any feedback from what you do or environment, becomes to recall confidence building life events where you won, you literally rewire the ‘software’ (beliefs) of your brain for “success” toward the goal.

There’s literally nothing limiting that can stop you from believing you can achieve the goal. Sure, being goals today are complicated (market dynamics, people problems, unforeseen obstacles that create setback) but in terms of raw goal setting principles, interpreting feedback from the environment, this is the way you can’t not succeed by blocking yourself.


It’s the imperfect human that’s complicated the process and gotten in it’s way of something we’ve been so wired to never fail at, literally, succeeding.

We’ve been wired to succeed every time.

Our minds have gotten so complex that it now tells and believes stories like stress about it all day and everyday which makes it seem hard and makes life hard in the process which is sad.

Don’t just meditate, master meditation to harness it and you’ll transcend yourself and your goals like the masters of the world do.