“I Don’t Want You To Do It, I Want You To Want To Do It”

“I don’t want you to just do it, I want you to want to do it”.

We’ve all given or received that classic line, and it reminded me of what most organizations consider ‘learning’ at work.

Everything we hear about today is in the context of teaching people what to do, or ‘training people’, instead of motivating them to have the wanting to learn for it’s own sake which would remove the function of what we consider ‘learning’ at work.

Doesn’t it? I’d love to hear what you think.

I’d never need formal training in anything, with all that’s available.

I learn voraciously because I’m driven to want to acquire knowledge and I’ll sometimes call in a coach when I need support or accountability.

I believe people simply need training on manufacturing meaning and purpose and matching that with physical exuberance which creates the impulse to mastery and knowledge acquisition.

An insatiable appetite for acquiring knowledge that moves us so far ahead of the learning curve so you don’t need to ‘train’ people anymore because they want to learn so much they’re way ahead of you.

That’s the key to a high performing organization and bringing personal development to the forefront of an organization’s strategy is how it’s accomplished.