“We finally decided to get a dog!” I excitedly proclaimed to my extended family in our WhatsApp group chat as I sent across Troy’s photo.

We had been contemplating a dog for several months, taken several trips to the pet shop and researched different breeders.

We’d been bringing the dog up for a while now, sending photos we’d looked at and indecisively making soft commitments while not following through.

The family was likely even getting a bit perturbed about our indecision.So I wasn’t surprised when my uncle replied with:

“What made you finally decide to go through with it?”


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Choosing to be better is the answer to all your difficult questions and is the mindset required to uphold your highest ideals and maximize your potential in this lifetime.

Everything worthwhile is hard and the more difficult the more you should run toward what’s hard.

If you can accept, appreciate and implement this mindset, there’s no way you won’t achieve everything you want.

I had the inspiration for writing this article come up in my own difficult decision.

My fiancé and I have considered getting a dog. …

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If you are not a liberal at 20, you have no heart. If you are not a conservative at 35 you have no head.” — John Adams, Winston Churchill and probably many more.

Eventually these truths become apparent whether you are seventy five or seventeen.

It’s so hard to see the forest from the trees even though there’s so much information around us — making the complex simple is really one of the greatest skills to have today, and I’ll try and do just that in this article to take lessons from smart people who have lived high quality lives…

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Forcing the commitment level of your ‘whys’ are the key to succeeding in everything you do.

Humans are adaptable — on one day, someone can be weak and regular, on another, super human and adaptable.

When it matters, we find a way.

One day while her son was working underneath his car, Angela Cavallo came to find the car had fallen on her son and he was knocked out unconscious. She was able to raise the car 4 inches off the ground while help arrived.

This is a forcing function.

Bringing it to the day to day context, as any…

The Effective Executive is considered one of the most influential business books of all time. It’s writer, Peter Drucker is considered one of the father’s of management consulting and spent a long career advising Fortune 500 CEO’s, government leaders and more.

He’s revered by some of the leaders in corporate America whether it’s Jim Collins who wrote Good To Great or Tim Ferris who says he’s read the Effective Executive more than any other book.

His main principal for hiring was to focus on strengths, not weakness, and that measuring one key performance indicator was the most important thing (and…

Photo by John-Mark Smith on Unsplash (a ‘business trip” for a business family)

More and more I come to realize that being a ‘business person’ and winning the ‘game’ of business, is mostly a way of life than a vocation.

That’s why as much as we see entrepreneurship everywhere, and starting a business is as easy as ever today, entrepreneurship is still a small niche of people.

Most people work for big companies, or join organizations who either pay them what they perceive to be as ‘well’ or they join an organization because of it’s “mission” — which most even great for-profit companies are bullshit at the end of the day.

Business, more…

I’m convinced the benefits of coffee don’t out weigh the costs that come with drinking it.

More and more today, studies are revealing many different health benefits from coffee. From cancer to fat burning, coffee is considered a healthy food.

However as legendary Stanford economics professor Dr. Thomas Sowell often says upon considering adding something with an intended benefit (in this case, coffee’s health benefits and how you feel), you must ask:

“At what cost?”

Very often the intended benefits of things don’t outweigh the costs associated with their use — and I think coffee falls in this camp.


What can you do to ensure you get the most from the weeks you have left?

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The average life expectancy gives you about 4,056 weeks to live.

If you’re 20, you’ve lived 1040 weeks.

If you’re 30, you’ve lived 1560 weeks.

If you’re 40, you’ve lived 2080 weeks.

How many weeks do you have left?

What can you do to ensure you get the most from the weeks you have left?

I’ve relentlessly been on a journey to stay aware and do all I can to get the most of the weeks I have left.

Perhaps I’m scared of dying more than others.

Perhaps it’s because I hang around with millennials who do things like stage…

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It’s so much more than the habit itself, it’s how you use it.

“Consciously harnessing meditation in this way is true creative mastery, and how deep learners transcend the depth of their learning, which primes their minds for game changing work and massive breakthrough that can change the world.” — me

Why You Must Meditate

“What do you do if you didn’t have your kindle and couldn’t read every morning?” My lady friend asked this morning after noticing I always read first thing for two hours.

I immediately and intuitively responded:

“I’d meditate for sure. I learn more during meditation than any other time…

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I was shivering as I sent my financials to a commercial landlord for approval — I’d been working on this deal for six months.

I’m partnering with a brilliant founder and chef, who’s sandwich concept blew my mind when I first walked in. Think Ray Kroc visiting McDonalds the first time or Sean Parker seeing Facebook and joining Mark Zuckerberg.

Definitely a “hell yes” opportunity. No holds bar.

I stayed in touch with the genius for four years, he had one restaurant at the time. Now he has three so the market validation box is checked. …

Aram Rasa Taghavi

Articles on entrepreneurship and life from personal experiences (only). Former XIR @ Expa SF

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