Building the official public transit
support team in the ATL


Transit benefits all of us. The latest census revealed that the population of walkable urban and suburban areas grew much faster than the country’s growth rate over the last ten years– 12.1% versus 9.7%. To get around, Millennials are increasingly becoming multi-modal and moving to communities that provide robust public transportation options. They move to a place they want to live—then find a job. From 2001 to 2009, the number of passenger-miles traveled per capita by 16 to 34 year-olds on public transit increased by 40%. We need to reach this generation, get them proactive about supporting our Marta transit infrastructure and reimagine Atlanta as a viable option for being a walkable city. But how?

The Marta Army will be a community based coalition that will support Atlanta’s local transit system with effective advocacy by educating the public, influencing those who make decisions and to help move transit forward. For me, being an effective advocate means utilizing my talents for the better good. What I know is how to bring around a campaign visually with good, exciting design implementation.

I am excited to present a couple of logos and marketing pieces that will symbolize such an effort. I kept the original Marta type logo and the 3 spot colors for general recognition. For the “army” part- I chose a clean + simple font that would compliment the “marta” font. We can expand the brand and play more with it, once it’s established. I wanted the design to be friendly, colorful and above all—trendy. A poster would also have to be readable enough, for a Marta customer walking by during rush hour, to read it and walk away with the follow up info memorized.

So without further adieu, I give you The Marta Army.

Top: the official logo type Below: buttons with a more informal version of the logo.

In terms of copy — I kept thinking about the word “movement”. It’s a great action word that doubles in context. We are a movement as a coalition and also are planning to keep this city moving forward—progressing. It would be this sort of minorly cryptic messaging that would make someone google it. “Where did everyone get those shirts? I must have one!” I call this discovery branding and they act as teasers for building interest. So, let’s move this city*.

T-shirts have so much possibility. I did these on the fly.

*These are mock-ups of ideas and are not fully realized. It was a fun exercise of exploration in copy, style and color. The main point of this post is to show a general, first-pass direction. I hope you enjoyed it and are now super excited about all the possibilities.

As always thanks for reading. More is soon to come.

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