Augmented Reality — Don’t tell them, show them!

Augmented Reality — the #1 trending topic of 2019 in furniture and home décor industry. What is going on and why are CEOs and directors from all across the globe heavily invested in this trend. And is Augmented Reality really just a trend… or is it the future?

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Be it a giant international producer and reseller such as IKEA or a small two man boutique furniture business from Denmark — everybody seems to be running towards this innovation.

In the case of Augmented Reality applications companies are leveraging the flexibility, speed, instant clarity for the end customer and of course the wow factor. After all being able to design the interior of your living room or your office with just a few touches, that is truly amazing. And fun as well!

Genrih Missal, the CEO of WOODEN — Germany, producer of high-end furniture and luxury lamps talks about how important is the visual clarification for a client. At the end of the day, nobody wants to invest a whole lot of money into something that he does not like.

Apart from being a great sales support tool, custom Augmented Reality app offers features such as customer analytics or e-commerce solutions. Also, it has been shown that the percentage of returned goods goes way down if the customer has the option to try the product before he purchases it.

So whether you are mass producing vintage coffee tables or selling high-end chandeliers, providing your clients with experience and clarity is never a bad thing to do.

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