Augmented Reality in the HVAC industry

Heat pumps, radiators, boilers, ventilating system or AC-units… all of those are sold primarily due to how they work... but what about the visual side of things? AR not only allows to clarify whether the chosen product won’t be a visual detriment to the overall interior or exterior setting, but it also solves the question of physical dimensions — in other words, is it going to fit in here?

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Jun 14 · 2 min read

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Having to spend 5–12k or even more to have a giant metal box sitting next to your newly built house… is something that anyone would think about twice before committing to it. That is why sales representatives of companies selling heat pumps often times resort to lengthy 3D visualisations and renders just to ensure the customer that the final result will indeed look good.

We have developed a solution that removes both problems at once. Utilizing Augmented Reality technology to create custom AR applications allowed us to empower the sales reps with an ultimate tool for product showcasing and getting clarity for both the customer and the salesperson.

Testing the Mitsubishi Electrics Heat pump in a real-life setting.

One of the first companies to embrace this revolutionary sales tool were Mastertherm (iOS) and Kronoterm (iOS). Placing a virtual object into an actual environment answers questions like “Is this boiler going to fit in my basement?”, “Will this heat pump’s color variation going to fit with the facade of my house?” or “How big of a space should I leave empty in order to fit this unit in my garage?”.

After placing the product into the AR scene, you can take a snapshot to which will automatically be saved into your device. See examples below:

Mastertherm exterior heat pump — ground unit
Mastertherm exterior unit — wall-mounted
Mastertherm exterior unit — wall-mounted, different angle

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