Saving money by getting 3D models of your products?

It is undeniable. Computer graphics became indistinguishable from reality. In order to boost up the trustworthiness, designers even add deliberate imperfections into the render scenes or the actual products themselves. But is the quality enough of a reason not to go for the product photography instead?

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Apr 26 · 4 min read

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First, let’s briefly describe a few possible options regarding the product visualisations — or in better words what types of imagery is usually needed:

  • hi-key / low-key isolated product images
  • conceptual lifestyle imagery
  • seasonal setups and scenes with products
  • products/services being used, provided or consumed

Depending on the type of commodity or a service, the company either has or hasn’t an option to decide between 3D models and photography services. Because you know, how would you possibly create a 3D model of accounting services? On the other hand, when you are let’s say a furniture manufacturer or a car designer — 3D models can be of great value.

Sticking to the idea of a company producing commodities — let’s highlight the most relevant benefits of getting 3D models done.

1. Space and scene setup

2. It is cheaper and reusable

3. Saving time

4. Product validation

5. Overall more practical

There are of course times when photography happens to be a wiser solution — for example when it comes to capturing lifestyle images, photos of people interacting with products or the situation require a real, random, chaotic or organic element to it such as water-related effects or heavy foliage scene. In those cases, it is much easier to just take the camera and go into the woods.

3D modeling is generally more suitable for the times when you know you are either going to need a lot of product images in different setups or color / material variations. It is also the best option if you wish to spend as little time and effort as possible.

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