Why should your company bet on AR in 2019?

Thanks to technologies like Augmented Reality, the furniture and home decor industry are finally having their online moment. Worldwide online furniture sales are expected to grow at an average annual growth rate of 12% between 2018 and 2020, resulting in a market volume of $294 billion in 2022.

How can Augmented Reality (AR) boost your conversions?

  • Showcasing
    With AR, you are able to showcase your products virtually and interactively. You may offer customers to see how a table, chair, sofa, or even a fireplace would look like in their house or office. Your sales team can visit your clients in person and provide them with a 3D product experience on-site. Your design and sales teams will have access to clients in a new way. Overwhelming sales support!
  • Reducing the risk of products returns
    People can place and virtually try your products in their environment in a few taps on the phone or tablet. AR offers a feature that allows your customers to decide which colour, texture or surface type of the product is the most suitable. The risk of a product return and logistical expenses is minimised.
  • Promoting at the exhibition
    A lot of time and energy go into preparing marketing materials for an exhibition, and not every company is able to bring all of their products to a fair. Product demonstrations go faster while engaging prospects with impressive technology.
  • Mobile first
    People are massively shifting to consuming content on mobile devices. Hundreds of millions of smartphone owners can download your AR app and see visualised objects with real dimensions. Eventually, they can make purchase decisions.
  • New marketing opportunities
    AR offers new ways to promote your brand, to present new products, and to provide helpful & engaging 3D experience to your customers.
  • Beat competitors
    You can differentiate your company from other competitors. AR tool creates a new marketing & sales channel. Faster takes it all.

Who did benefit from AR in 2018?

Danish company Aakeskiol specialises in the production of high-end tables. They’ve turned to Augmented Reality because they wanted to impress their potential customers and give them the option to choose a suitable wooden surface at their premises.

“The ability to visualise our tables in customer’s smartphones facilitates deals. With the AR app, we also engage with potential customers at furniture exhibitions.” — Benjamin C. Hopkins , CEO of Aakeskiol

Wooden Germany was looking for an innovative solution to stimulate their selling process. They placed AR app on their website in order to help the potential buyers to try design lamps at home. Moreover, it made their retailers and partners more comfortable with products. They just pull out the app from the pocket and discover new lamps virtually. Wooden Germany sales team enjoys pitching the Augmented presentation at the client’s premises before a deal is done.

“AR brings us closer to our customers — to their lives — in a way that we previously weren’t allowed. It’s a really beautiful thing.” — Genrih Missal , CEO & Founder of Wooden Germany

“Are you interested?”

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