#3D-printed robot arm is controlled using virtual reality
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  • The robot arm is controlled using a VR app, allowing for â precise and intuitiveâ control in either real time or via a recorded motion path the arm can follow on command.
  • â We had a really sharp summer intern that came out for a few weeks, who was very excited about virtual reality,â 219 Design team member Dave Bim-Merle told Digital Trends.
  • There were a ton of ideas brainstormed, but we always returned to the concept of how cool it would be if there was a robot arm you could control with VR.â
  • Whether itâ s haptic feedback or clever brain hacks which let you walk forever in virtual reality without colliding with any real-life obstacles , it seems clear that some of the most interesting VR applications come when the virtual and real worlds collide.

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