AMC is bringing virtual reality rooms to movie theaters
  • The world’s largest movie theater company, AMC, is investing in virtual reality.
  • The company recently announced (via The Hollywood Reporter) a partnership with the startup Dreamscape Immersive to bring VR experiences to North America and the U.K. Dreamscape creates room-scale, multi-person VR experiences and has attracted the attention of Hollywood elites uch as Steven Spielberg, Warner Bros. and 21st Century Fox.
  • As of right now, its agreement with AMC will put up to six “Dreamscape Immersive VR centers” in either re-purposed AMC theaters or standalone locations, all allowing for up to six users, sometime within the next 18 months.
  • AMC will be investing $10 million into a content fund to help the development of some of these experiences.Dreamscape claims to have already begun development on its first piece of original content for its upcoming VR centers, and is in talks with other “major” studios and IP-holders.
  • Along with its partnership with AMC, the company is expected to open its own location early next year in Los Angeles’ Westfield Century City Mall.

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