Android Oreo adds dev commands for testing VR apps
  • Android Oreo Adds Developer Commands for Testing Virtual Reality Apps ADB has lots of different commands that help Android developers, and users alike, do all kinds of things on their devices.
  • Android Oreo, for instance, has added a few ADB commands for VR testing.
  • Starting with Android 8.0, Google has added these new ADB commands for VR testing.
  • Now, by using the adb vr command, developers can do things like toggling persistent VR mode and setting custom display propertiess.
  • These can be accessed by using the following ADB command: adb vr [subcommand] To set your device in persistent VR mode: adb vr set-persistent-vr-mode-enabled [true|false] To set custom display props: adb vr set-display-props [width] [height] [dpi] With this change included in the final Android 8.0 release, Google looks to make it easier for developers to test out VR features.

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