#Apple experimenting with 'several different types' of #AR glasses - report
  • While some Apple AR glasses in development use their own integrated displays to merge the real world with a virtual one, other approaches are akin to Samsung Gear VR, which uses a Samsung Galaxy handset for a virtual reality display.
  • Friday’s report revealed that one team of Apple engineers have advocated for a pair of glasses featuring 3D cameras but no screens, instead relying on an iPhone as the primary display.
  • One potential issue for Apple in using the iPhone itself as an augmented reality head-mounted display is image resolution.
  • That could change with the “iPhone 8” this fall, however, with Apple’s own HomePod firmware indicating the device will have a primary 5.15-inch display area with a pixel packing resolution of 2,436 by 1,125.
  • Whether or not Apple’s secret AR glasses ever see the light of day, the company is poised to become the largest platform for augmented reality with this fall’s debut of iOS 11.

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