#Apple 120Hz #ProMotion #iPadPro display hints at better #AR, #VR support in future devices
  • With that in mind, the newly released iPad Pro with 120Hz ProMotion display could hint at the future of Apple’s portable devices — particularly as the company pushes into augmented reality and virtual reality.
  • It’s likely that the 120Hz ProMotion display will make the new iPad Pro lineup the best way to experience augmented reality apps for iOS 11 this fall.
  • Refresh rates are key to a fluid AR and VR experience While Apple’s ARKit developer tools don’t have users strapping a device to their head (yet), high-framerate hardware with fluid response times is crucial for a quality experience in virtual or augmented reality.
  • The iPhone will probably gain ProMotion… eventually Anyone who has used Apple’s new iPad Pro and experienced the 120Hz ProMotion display can immediately see the advantages of a higher refresh rate.
  • For now, the iPad Pro will probably be the best way to experience ARKit With a big, beautiful Retina display, 120Hz ProMotion technology, and powerful A10X processor, it’s likely that the best and most impressive examples of ARKit apps will be seen on Apple’s iPad Pro.

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