5 Future Technologies Shaping Today   <-- Read  #Tech #VR #PokemonGO #Oculus #3DPrinting #IoT
  • Below are just a few of the cutting edge technologies which might soon become exceedingly common all around the world.
  • The exponential increase in wearable tech such as the Google Glass, Apple Watch, and Fitbit (and similar) devices just to name a few.
  • While Google Glass hasn’t been a huge commercial success (yet), the Apple Watch and variety of other smartwatches and metabolic trackers are here to stay.
  • The 3D headset from systems like Mark Zuckerberg ‘s new Oculus Rift will makes you feel you are part of the game as it transports you to a virtual world.
  • While there are products of virtual reality available in the market, this redefines the future of the gaming industry and is set forth to bring a revolution that will make people enjoy all the benefits of a 3D based game in their own homes.

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