5 Modern Digital Marketing Trends  <-- Read   #AI #Media #VR #SAAS #Mobile #VC #PPC #IT #SEO
  • In this article we present several marketing trends that are defining 2017 and help companies to make their offer more attractive and competitive in the new year.
  • With the further development of VR we can expect companies to use this technology for helping customers to experience their products in the best possible way.
  • Currently VR is mainly used for gaming company promotion, but soon tour agencies will take people to Bahamas even before they book their flight and real estate agents will make more detailed home tours to buyers… all with a little help from virtual reality technology.
  • Bans and blocks are definitely not a good way to tackle ad blocking, and marketers and publishers need to ask themselves why internet users are so frustrated with their ads.
  • Ad blockers are here to stay, and marketers will need to adjust to this new software by finding more creative ways to engage their audience.

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