Dell teams up with Sony to create Spider-Man: Homecoming #VR -
  • Sony are still getting something out of the deal, however, since the studio form a large part of not only the marketing but also the creation of The Spider-Man: Homecoming VR experience alongside Dell Computers.
  • The Spider-Man: Homecoming VR experience was developed by experience virtual reality (VR) content creators CreateVR and produced by Sony Pictures Virtual Reality and created on Dell Precision workstations.
  • Dell workstations were also providing the power for the visual effects studio, Sony Pictures Imageworks, which used roughly 1000 Dell Precision workstations and more than 4000 Dell servers to create the visual effects used in the film.
  • “The computing power of Dell Precision workstations, coupled with thousands of PowerEdge servers, enables rapid creative iterations and allows us to put the best picture on screen,” said Erik Strauss, executive director, Software Development at Sony Pictures Imageworks.
  • “We are proud that Sony Pictures Imageworks looks to us, and solutions such as the Precision rack 7910 workstations, to deliver the reliable performance for incredible visual effects that make films like Spider-Man: Homecoming possible,” said Rahul Tikoo, vice president and general manager, Dell Precision workstations.

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