Divergent Realities: Augmented vs Virtual Reality [Infographic]
  • Oftentimes, you’ll hear about virtual reality and augmented reality in the same sentence, as though they’re the same technologies, but there are some very important, distinct, differences between the two.
  • Augmented reality is a more integrative technology, in which the world becomes your screen and things like haptic feedback and binaural audio make the transition seamless.
  • It’s worth noting here that developers are pouring a significantly greater percentage of their resources into the development of augmented reality technology, as opposed to virtual reality.
  • Augmented reality is projected to take the lion’s share of that $108 billion market over the next four years, clocking in at an estimated $83 billion.
  • Learn more about the important differences between augmented reality and virtual reality from this infographic from Lumus.

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