Our multiplayer #VR game @fusionwars hits #ChinaJoy2017 #madewithunity #gamedev
  • FusionWars will showcase the new PvP e-sport arena at Chinajoy thanks to Hypereal.
  • Hypereal is one of the only companies in mainland China offering a complete platform of VR hardware and content .
  • The Hypereal´s fully compatible version of Fusion Wars will be launch soon.
  • ChinaJoy or China Digital Entertainment Expo & Conference is a digital entertainment expo held annually in Shanghai, China.
  • Estudiofuture will be at ChinaJoy with FusionWars

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@estudiofutureVR: “Our multiplayer #VR game @fusionwars hits #ChinaJoy2017 #madewithunity #gamedev” open tweet »

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