#Facebook starts testing stabilization for 360 video
#VR #VirtualReality #360video
  • Facebook starts testing stabilization for 360 video
  • “ the approach uses a new ‘deformed-rotation’ motion model that we designed specifically for 360 video, and a new hybrid 3D-2D technique for optimizing the model parameters in order to make shaky 360 videos incredibly smooth,” Facebook research scientist Johannes Kopf wrote today in a blog post.
  • At its @Scale conference in San Jose today, Facebook is announcing that it’s developed a new system for stabilizing 360-degree video and that it’s starting to test the system before rolling it out to all users on Facebook and its Oculus virtual reality platform.
  • The stabilization software reduces the bit rate by 10 to 20 percent while maintaining video quality, and it takes just 22 milliseconds per frame.
  • The new system makes it simpler to speed up video that’s been stabilized.

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