Gallery: These Nintendo Switch VR Mock-Ups Are Rather Eye-Catching  #NintendoSwitch #VR
  • Though Nintendo is adamant that the Nintendo Switch is capable of supporting Virtual Reality (VR) content, it seems that the feature could be a little while off as the company considers its options for implementing the technology.
  • Although a VR accessory featured in a rather detailed patent for the Switch, there’s also a line of thought that the current console / tablet may be a little too big or heavy to effectively work within a head mounted unit.
  • Nevertheless, the idea of Switch VR is rather appealing, and we’ve been pointed to some rather impressive mock-ups (thanks Fabian) for a prospective Switch VR unit.
  • They certainly look professional, and do a nice job of incorporating the Switch hardware style into a VR unit.
  • Is this the sort of design you’d like to see in a future Nintendo VR accessory?

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