.@Google #Daydream Getting #VR #WebBrowser   cc @CsharpCorner @PranavMTL #GoogleDaydream
  • At the I/O developer conference , Google has announced that its Virtual Reality platform Google Daydream will get its first software update by the end of this year.
  • Not only this, the famous VR platform will get its own version of Chrome Web browser.
  • Though, you can navigate to Daydream experiences through normal Android’s Chrome but this VR web browser enables the users to browse web pages while in a Daydream headset, while accessing the WebVR content.
  • Thus, accessing Android functions via Daydream will be easier for VR users.
  • It will be exciting to see Google Daydream updated with these amazing features and having its own version of Chrome.

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@CsharpCorner: “.@Google #Daydream Getting #VR #WebBrowser cc @CsharpCorner @PranavMTL #GoogleDaydream” open tweet »

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