How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Storytelling    via @HuffPostBlog #AI #VR #AR
  • Microsoft’s technology could help push the smarts to small cheap devices that can function in rural communities and places that are not connected to the cloud.
  • He says development agencies should be empowered to push, optimise and democratise the technology so it has as many use cases as possible, therefore enabling storytellers to deploy much needed content to more people, in different settings.
  • According to Ali Khoshgozaran, Co-founder and CEO of Tilofy, an AI-powered trend forecasting company based in Los Angeles, content creation is one of the most exciting segments where technology can work hand in hand with human creativity to apply more data-driven, factual and interactive context to a story.
  • Fardinpour says this kind of technology can substitute for the lack of mainstream media coverage or misleading coverage to educate kids and even adults on the current development projects, “I am sure there are a lot of amazing young storytellers who would love the opportunity to create their own stories to tell to inspire their communities.
  • Tan is leading one of our immersive storytelling projects in the South Pacific called LAUNCH Legends aimed at addressing issues of healthy eating and nutrition through the use of emerging, interactive technologies.

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