How to Use Facebook Live 360 Video for Marketing : Social Media Examiner  #vr
  • Facebook Live 360 video gives you an easy, fun way to capture your audience’s attention and raise engagement levels.
  • As part of that experimentation, Facebook worked with National Geographic to provide live 360-degree videos to the Nat Geo audience.
  • Like other live videos, you’ll get to see comments and reactions, and you can download your videos for later broadcasts.
  • Facebook will allow you to live stream for up to four hours, but Live 360 video is such a big draw on battery power you’re unlikely to get that far with a mobile device.
  • It currently requires an investment in some hardware (although that may change as mobile manufacturers find a way to use rear- and front-facing camera lenses) but the time to make the most of live 360-degree video is now when the novelty is still fresh, the content still impresses, and you still have a chance to be ready when Instagram and maybe even Snapchat catch up with Facebook.

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