#VR animation Raising A Rukus by @VRcompany comes to Samsung #GearVR -
  • Raising a Rukus, a virtual reality (VR) experience that debuted at the flagship IMAX VR Centre in Los Angeles this month has now been made available for Samsung Gear VR.
  • Created by The Virtual Reality Company, Raising a Rukus is an animated magical adventures with twins Amy and Jonas and their mischievous pet dog, Rukus.
  • Produced by two-time Academy Award winner and co-founder of VRC, Robert Stromberg, the experience transports viewers into a prehistoric world, as they chase Rukus with skeletal versions of dinosaurs appearing, braving a raging river, to discover it was all part of Rukus’ magical plan.
  • “VRC set a milestone in VR on our work with ‘The Martian VR Experience‘ for 20th Century Fox Innovation Lab,” said Guy Primus, CEO and Co-Founder of VRC.
  • “‘Raising a Rukus‘ sets several new milestones in VR production: location-based experiences through the cinematic release with IMAX for its IMAX VR centres, and now on mobile making it available on the Oculus Store for Samsung Gear VR.”

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