Infographic: Are virtual and augmented reality worth the hype?  #PR #Communications
  • People have been touting virtual and augmented reality for years, but the tandem technologies have yet to take hold.
  • MDG Advertising has produced an infographic that explains the difference between virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), how organizations and brand managers are using each, and a few bold predictions about where the technologies are heading.
  • The infographic points out that AR is used to enhance physical surroundings by overlaying content amid real-world objects.
  • Most VR requires a headset, whereas AR can be implemented through an app or specialized eyewear.
  • The graphic cites three barriers preventing AR and VR from infiltrating mainstream marketing: The infographic cites predictions that there will be 154 million VR headset users by 2020 and that the combined market for VR and AR will reach $120 billion by the same year.

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