The 2018 Olympics will feature VR technology from @intel  via @DigitalTrends
  • Why it matters to you Intel’s immersive True VR technology will put viewers of the 2018 Olympic Games on the slopes with the world’s greatest athletes.
  • Intel said it plans to broadcast 16 events live and offer another 16 on demand from the 2018 Olympic Games in South Korea, broadcast using Intel’s True VR technology — the same tech Intel is using to broadcast one MLB game every Tuesday.
  • Intel CEO Brian Krzanich acknowledged the chicken and egg problem at the event, and said that VR from the Olympics should ensure a great supply of content.
  • Intel stressed how the partnership would improve the experience for Olympic fans, citing another technology: Intel Free Tech.
  • The advanced cellular network promises more than just speed: It will let viewers gain insights directly from athletes, deliver a wider array of content to broadcasters, and give fans the opportunity to experience the games anywhere, Intel said.

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