Can Nostalgia Keep You in #VR for 40 Minutes?
  • If the couch wasn’t a slightly different kind of 1980s tacky from my own, I’d swear I had indeed proven Wolfe wrong.This homecoming came courtesy of Miyubi, the latest VR experience from Felix Paul Studios.
  • Miyubi’s nearly 40-minute runtime is an eternity in VR, so Felix Paul are in part banking on that sense of nostalgia and familiarity to keep you in the headset for the full duration.
  • Being able to play with all these toys and these things that a lot of people would recall from their childhoods [did that],” says Paul Raphaël, the co-founder of Felix Paul (which made Miyubi, out today for the Oculus Rift and Gear VR, in conjunction with Oculus and Funny or Die).
  • “Raphaël and his team, which is also responsible for multiple VR documentaries and companion pieces for movies like Wild, have been working on Miyubi for well over a year (and Raphaël and his co-founder Felix Lajeunesse had been kicking around the concept for much longer than that), but it couldn’t be coming at a more opportune time.
  • People already play VR games for hours on end, but passive watching is a different story, one that Felix Paul are just now learning how to tell.To do that, they are using a lot of nostalgia (look around at any moment and you’ll see VCRs, old-school toys, references to Rambo and hair metal) and a little bit of gameplay, sometimes both at once.

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