Jaguar says #VR helps it sell an 'incredible amount of cars'   #Sales #CMO MT @HopeFrank
  • The experience also allows consumers to get into the car to check out interior features with a 360-degree view, and to make real-time changes.
  • “Jaguar now designs its cars in a VR environment and sells its cars in a VR environment; it is incredibly successful for driving purchases.
  • Jaguar says VR is helping it sell an ‘incredible amount of cars’ as it launches Andy Murray experience
  • Having signed up Andy Murray for a new virtual reality experience, Jaguar has insisted the technology isn’t a gimmick and is resulting in improved car sales.
  • And Robert Herd, head of communications at Jaguar Land Rover UK, said VR is having a major impact on the brand.

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@TamaraMcCleary: “Jaguar says #VR helps it sell an ‘incredible amount of cars’ #Sales #CMO MT @HopeFrank” open tweet »

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