Microsoft reveals prototype augmented reality glasses -
  • Microsoft has revealed a pair of prototype AR glasses, that looks a lot like an everyday pair of specs.
  • With the Redmond’s AR ambitions currently being powered by a bulky headset, the reveal of these smartglasses (image below) in a research paper indicates it has been exploring different ways to propel the HoloLens platform forward.
  • Read next: The best smartglasses “There’s still a lot of work to be done,” Microsoft researchers Andrew Maimone, Andreas Georgiou, and Joel Kollin wrote in a paper describing the glasses.
  • And though Microsoft is already building upon its current AR platform, it’s also worth noting how a different design from a big player could eventually help people to shake off the bad image of Google Glass.
  • The researchers behind the AR smartglasses will talk further about their work at the Siggraph Conference in Los Angeles in August, so stay tuned for more on Microsoft’s other AR plans.

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